Russian painting

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The majestic and diverse Russian paintings always pleases audiences with its volatility and the perfection of artistic form. This feature works by famous masters of art. They are always surprised by his unusual approach to work, anxious to respect her feelings and emotions of each person.

Not for nothing Maxim Gorky once said that the artist - is the heart of his country, his voice throughout the era. Indeed, the stately and elegant paintings of Russian artists vividly convey the inspiration of his time. Like the aspirations of the famous author Anton Chekhov, and many sought to introduce into Russian paintings unique flavor of its people, as well as the inextinguishable vision of beauty.

We hope that our application will help you to break away from everyday worries, and bring into your life a little happy moments.

☆ Feature Highlights ☆

✓ 1330 paintings by over 220 Russian painters

【免費生活App】Russian painting-APP點子

✓ Easily search for paintings

✓ Custom filter results

✓ Favorites

✓ Slideshow

✓ Send pictures via email

✓ Support for HD graphics on iPad

【免費生活App】Russian painting-APP點子

✓ Paintings are seen to their best advantage on the self-illuminated, hi-res iPad screen

Version 1.3:

✓ added 259 paintings

✓ added 29 new painters

✓ bug fix

【免費生活App】Russian painting-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Russian painting-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Russian painting-APP點子

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