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Here comes the easy and speedy city martial arts TCG based on solid story line from original cartoon!

A real web-cartoon based mobile game, S.C.A.T!

★ Special unit, S.C.A.T in Mapo Police Station ★

This is Korea, co-existing ordinary people and warrior’s world.

Special unit ‘S.C.A.T’ begin to move to solve the murder case of 5 leaders in warrior’s world, a symbol of order.

★ A unique drawing style which distinctive from other TCG ★

Pictorial style comes right after from graphic noble.

Famous artist ‘Chung ho Lee’ who is the author of ‘My Love’ and ‘Peekaboo’ present high quality drawing.

★ Card level-up system with skill up and gear ★

▼ Strengthen my card through skill up

1. Skill up-strengthening: card level up

2. Skill up-strengthen the skill: stats up the in the each card’s skill

3. Skill up-awakening: break the maximum level to unlimited

4. Skill up-compound: compound my two cards and get the higher level card

▼ Each card can be stronger by installing equipment and item

*Equipment: can be installed all cards, enhancing offensive and defensive power.

*Item: can be installed cards that more than three stars, enhancing offensive and defensive power rapidly.

★ How to play ★

You can play stage by stage as the story line of original cartoon goes.

There will be 9 battles in each stage and find out hidden two stages following each stage after clearing all battles.

Enjoy network mode by using cards from single play!

*Finding items: war is coming to get the top items

*The owner of warrior’s world: endless network play between users! Get the reward by ranking! (coming soon in February)

*Defeat the master one by one: In warrior’s world, 100 masters await you for battle! Defeat them right now! (coming soon in February)

★Card targeting system and critical★

There is a targeting gauge in the upper screen and the gauge reach to full, you can target one individual enemy.

Chosen enemy will be the only target first.

Every critical attack accompanied cool effect image, have fun with them~!

★Find out more games in website ‘Everymo’! ★

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