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A Message from John DeLozier… Have you heard me say this lately? At Arrow S3, we solve complicated business problems through innovative technologies. We work with many manufacturers, with a real focus around Avaya and Siemens. Typically these business problems are based in UC, CC, Video and Collaboration activities. I hope you’ve been listening - That’s your 30 second elevator speech and it sums up who we are. Now join me this February in Ponta Vedra Beach, Florida. We are going to dig deeper and take your elevator speech to the next level. You’ll be hearing from me and the other leaders of Arrow S3 in General Session. Some will give you a 40,000 foot view of where we are going within the industry as well as within the company. We’re also brining in our geniuses to demo the latest and greatest in ‘innovative technologies’… the meat of what we sell and offer. (Did I just say meat? I must be hungry again). We’re bringing in partners we have worked with for years, as well as some new partners for you to strategize with. We will be recognizing the best of the best. We will be recognizing YOU…and your peers. Join me in this critical teaming, networking, and training conference. It’s a time for us to get serious…and a time for us to have some fun. I can’t wait to see this entire team in Florida!

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