SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro

【免費工具App】SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro-APP點子

The ultimate SMS Gateway on your device! Send SMS through HTTP GET requests, add users which can send SMS through a web page (and optionally limit to a set amount per month), parse incoming SMS and forward them to Email, SMS, URL based on rules! And more!

Note 1. If you find a bug or have a problem please contact us by email since we cannot help you if you post it in the reviews.

Note 2. If you forward sms messages or allow other people to send them through your device it might cost you money, depending on what you normally pay your telecom provider.

But we haven’t mentioned all features yet; you can even set a dynamic DNS updater! So you can always access your device from everywhere, even if the IP changed!

It also has extensive logging functionality, and you can even set the app to email you the log automatically!

Features summary:

【免費工具App】SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro-APP點子

- Start/Stop the SMS Gateway automatically when connected/disconnected from a specified WIFI network, or on boot

【免費工具App】SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro-APP點子

- Set rules to forward incoming SMS

【免費工具App】SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro-APP點子

- Allow users to send SMS through your device

【免費工具App】SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro-APP點子

- Optionally only allow certain IP’s

【免費工具App】SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro-APP點子

- Verbose log (filter, email, etc)

【免費工具App】SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro-APP點子

- Add a Dynamic DNS Updater using the local or public IP of your device

【免費工具App】SMS Gateway Ultimate Pro-APP點子

All features:

- Add multiple SMS Gateways

- For every SMS Gateway you can set the following: allow http access, http port, only allow access from certain IP’s, email settings (host, port, username, password) to send emails, enable logging, only log errors, start on boot, start/stop server when connected/disconnected to a specified WIFI network

- Add multiple users to every SMS Gateway and optionally set a limit to the amount of SMS the user can send for every month

- Add rules for incoming SMS (from or body field) and forward to SMS/Email/URL and even prevent the SMS to be saved on the device. If the SMS is being forwared to an URL the following variables will be replaced with their corresponding values: %from%, %body%, %timestring%, %time%, %timenowstring%, %timenow%, %pseudosubject%, %servicecenteraddress%, %devicemodel%, %device%

- Add multiple dynamic DNS updaters (set a custom URL, or choose from ChangeIP, DNSdynamic, DNSexit, DNSMadeEasy, DNS-O-Matic, DNSPark, DtDNS, DynDNS, easyDNS, eNom,, Joker, Namecheap, No-IP, ZoneEdit)

- For every dynamic DNS updater set the name, timeout (in minutes), hostname, username, password and whether to update with the local or public IP address, start the Dynamic DNS Updater when connected to a specific WIFI network, update on connectivity change, start on boot

- On the settings page of the app you can set the maximum log items to keep, whether to keep a WIFI lock (prevent WIFI from disconnecting automatically), keep the device alive, keep the device alive full (keep the screen on, battery intensive), set to start the app on boot

- You can search/filter the log, or set it to be automatically sent when the log limit is reached.

For questions, comments or feature requests just contact us!

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