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【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Service PRO-APP點子

Did you know that SMS Marketing is 98% more effective than Email Marketing? This app is for you. SMS Marketing Service is the best app for managing user contacts and sending SMS. Helps you send out your SMS message fast and easy by using your device sim card or cloud SMS service.

Feature list:

- Personalized SMS content: support generate text like Hello #name# to Hello Mr ABC…

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Service PRO-APP點子

- Support send SMS by both your device sim card and SMS cloud service.

- Controllable sending speed:

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Service PRO-APP點子

- Allow to pause, resume, stop and continue sending if you have a long contact list.

- Manage sending history, pause and continue sending on demand.

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Service PRO-APP點子

- Schedule your SMS to send at a specific time (auto sms scheduler).

- Automatic replies.

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Service PRO-APP點子

- Best contact list management: you can store a lot of contact information and also able to create up to 4 new user defined fields.

- Support subscribe/unsubscribe contacts and black list.

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Service PRO-APP點子

- Import/export base on the popular contact format (gmail, yahoo, outlook… contact format).

- Import from Excel file.

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Service PRO-APP點子

- Maintenance: easy to backup and restore data.

- Fully documented.

... more details at our website:

This app does not allow to add duplicate phone (include country code or not).

No ads + unlimited

Please try trial version before checking out PRO version.

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Service PRO-APP點子

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