SMS Marketing Tool

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Advertise Your Business To All Incoming Calls and Incoming SMS


● Auto Reply with a custom text message to all calls or only calls from your list. Missed phone calls can be handled with an automatic text (SMS) message. Either choose from your list of contacts, or just respond to everyone.

● Auto Reply to all answered or unanswered calls with you pre-defined message. A great tool for potential clients calling to ask questions about your business or product. 

● The app simply automatically sends your message when the call is finished or if you choose no to answer the call.


● You can forward receiving SMS to specified numbers automatically. This feature can be used for business such as sharing information(SMS) with team members,etc.

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Tool-APP點子

[ SMS Scheduler ]

● recipients can be typed in directly or selected from contacts
● recipients can be chosen 

● flexible scheduling system - you can send sms once, every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, every hour , etc...

● sent sms messages are added to the proper conversation threads

● bar notifications are triggered for sent messages and delivery reports of sent and delivered messages is available.

[ Email Scheduler ]

● Sends the message at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Tool-APP點子

● Add random dates to the schedule.

● Address the email to one person or to multiple recipients

● Continue to send the messages until a certain date, 'x' number of times, or have no end date at all.


● Automate the recurring post or events. Schedule a Social Media update (Facebook/Twitter)


● SMS Auto Response Code is a marketing application that allows you to automatically send responses to inbound SMS message that contain a specific message.

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Tool-APP點子

● Select a specific word. When a potential clients text that word to your number, the app will automatically respond with your pre-defined message

【免費商業App】SMS Marketing Tool-APP點子

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