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SpamBlocker is a useful utility for people who receive a lot of SMS Spam.

Safe to Use: We understand that SMS contains personal information. SpamBlocker doesn't ask you for network access permissions. The personal data we access is used only within your phone to apply Spam rules.

First Run: We recommend you to import your old non-Contact List messages and apply spam control. While applying spam control, you will have an option of deleting the spam message from Phone’s SMS inbox.

Define Spam Yourself: Inbox tab of this application displays all the SMS received from your non-Contact List numbers. Select multiple messages from application’s Inbox carefully. Press spamcontrol menu to define selected messages as SPAM or TRUSTED numbers.

Deleting Spam Messages: Spam messages are deleted based on the settings screen. You can access settings screen from settings menu on Spam tab.

Trusted Numbers: These are numbers you might not want to add to your contact list. The application treats trusted numbers same as the Contact List numbers.

Rules List: This tab displays all the spam rules you have set. You can delete individual rules using a long press OR clear all of the rules.

Recommendation: We advise you to visit the app once a week to make sure that you haven’t marked any important number as SPAM by mistake.

That's all, Download the app and enjoy a Spam free SMS Inbox.

【免費工具App】SMS Spam Blocker-APP點子

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