Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide

【免費旅遊App】Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide-APP點子

Everything you need to know about Sabarimala at your finger tip. App works even in offline mode without internet connection after installation.

Sabarimala is one of the largest annual pilgrimage centers in the world. This app gives most up-to-date information on taking Traditional Vrutham (Austerities), Dos and Don’ts, Tips and Information for a smooth travel, To-dos, whole year events, timings at Sabarimala, puja details and rates, contact and booking details. Detailed route, including the traditional trekking routes, Weather and seasons, Money matters, Details of Ayyappa temples in India and Abroad, Harivarasanam, Vazhi Nada, Sarana Ghosham verses, Medical emergency advices and a lot more.

This is the part of the series of World Pilgrimage Guides, which covers major pilgrimage places in the world.

【免費旅遊App】Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide-APP點子

Features of this Sabarimala Pilgrimage Guide

- Arrangement the content such a way that easy to refer and read along.

- The downloaded guide works offline, without an internet connection.

【免費旅遊App】Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide-APP點子

- Traditional Vrutham (Austerities) details.

- Dos and Donts during the Vruthum.

- Tips and information for a smooth travel.

【免費旅遊App】Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide-APP點子

- Route details on both roads and by walk.

- Harivarasanam verse.

- Vazhi Nada.

【免費旅遊App】Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide-APP點子

- Sarana Ghosham.

- Links to Google Map.

- Important travel booking website.

【免費旅遊App】Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide-APP點子

- Link to Virtual Queue system and status update.

- Details of parking spaces at Pamba.

- Contact details at Pamba and Sannidhanam.

【免費旅遊App】Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide-APP點子

- List of Ayyappa temples.

- Puja details

- Rates of Puja and Foods

【免費旅遊App】Sabarimala-A Pilgrimage Guide-APP點子

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