Safety Attendance

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★ Safety Attendance Pro is a powerful yet simple student tracking app that allows you to keep track of student attendance, behaviors, or general information throughout the year!

★ Key Features:

☆ Attendance – Simply record and track daily attendance throughout the year.

☆ Field Trips - Easily run roll calls to ensure the group is together; boarding the bus, lunch time, restroom breaks, etc..

☆ Fire Drills - Quickly take attendance in case of a fire drill or worse case fire!

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

☆ Seating Chart - Powerful graphical tool that allows you to visualize your students or classroom the way you want!

☆ Note Tracker - A great way to track information about your students and class!

☆ Reports – Very impressive reports! Unlike other apps, data is stored conveniently on the phone and does not require network access to a server.

★ Key App Notes:

→ Works great on phones and tablets!

→ Simple attendance:

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

- Tap on the student's name or scan the students QR code.

- Optionally use the graphical seating chart.

→ Simple setup and user friendly:

- Import students from your contact list or from a CSV file.

- Take students picture with the camera or tap on the picture to use an existing photo.

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

- Statuses can be customized to meet your needs. Unlike other apps, it’s completely up to you!

- Attendance Examples:

- Make it simple: Present and Absent.

- Make it detailed: Present, Absent, Tardy, Dismissed, Sick, etc...

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

- Note Examples:

- Student Behavior: Good, Ok, Needs Improvement, etc..

- Awards – Gold Star, Special Helper, Student of the Month, etc..

- Miscellaneous: Badges, Performance, Achievements, Paid/Unpaid, etc..

→ Flexible Reports!

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

- Student’s attendance over a date range.

- Class's attendance over a date range.

- Multiple class attendance report.

- Class and individual student Note reports.

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

- Reports can be emailed, including CSV files with the data.

- Reports include totals and details for the actual days.

- And much, much, more..

→ Seating chart:

- Visually layout the classroom by dragging students to the position you want.

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

- Supports a grid layout for easy placement.

- Supports free floating to put students exactly where you need.

- Zoom in or Zoom out to meet all display sizes.

- Chart can be used for Attendance and Notes.

→ Random Picker

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

- Pick a random student or the next random student that hasn't been picked yet. Great for selecting a line leader, special helper, teams, etc..

→ Notes

- Quickly see the totals of notes assigned to students.

- Simply long click the student to add a quick note.

【免費教育App】Safety Attendance-APP點子

→ Backup and restore the database to your local SDCard so you don't need to worry about losing your information.

→ Optional QR Code Support

- Quickly scan in each student for fast attendance.

- Integrates with multiple free 3rd party QR code scanning apps to meet your needs; "ZXing", "Google Goggles", "QR Droid", etc..

Language Support: English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic

- Don't see a language you need? Email us and let us know!

Disclaimer: This application is not a life safety application and we always recommend multiple safeguards to keep students safe!

Enjoy life, travel safe!

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