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SagesGov Inspections is a full-featured field Inspections application for your smartphone or tablet. Our application can be used in various scenarios such as Field Inspections, Construction Inspections, Public Works Inspections, Home Inspections etc.

【免費工具App】SagesGov Inspections-APP點子

You can take pictures of your inspections as they are being performed and synchronize your results, comments and pictures with the SagesGov server. Inspections are stored locally on your mobile device and on the remote SagesGov server allowing both online and offline scenarios. The application is also integrated with Arc GIS Online providing up-to-date Mapping data for your inspection on your mobile device. Alert and History of the inspections provides powerful features for you in the field.

【免費工具App】SagesGov Inspections-APP點子

Key features:

- All communication is over SSL ensuring that your data is always encrypted.

【免費工具App】SagesGov Inspections-APP點子

- Online and Offline capabilities. Inspectors will be able to perform their daily tasks with or without an active internet connection.

- Integration with ESRI ArcGIS mapping software for up-to-date Mapping data.

【免費工具App】SagesGov Inspections-APP點子

- Take photographs of Inspections and upload to the server for more accurate results.

- Intuitive interface allows Inspectors to easily navigate their pending and completed work lists.

【免費工具App】SagesGov Inspections-APP點子

- Real-time Alerts are displayed when there is a conflict between the Action being performed on the mobile device and the SagesGov web application. The application also has detailed History of all actions to help the inspector in the field.

- Automatic synchronization of Inspections from your smartphone or tablet to the SagesGov Server keeps your Inspections up to date. Inspectors will also be able to sync inspections manually with the SagesGov server.

【免費工具App】SagesGov Inspections-APP點子

- Inspectors will be able to manage their inspections from their devices and also through the SagesGov Cloud based Web Application.

【免費工具App】SagesGov Inspections-APP點子

Developed by a team that has proven experience delivering quality field inspections applications to local governments in the USA.

Use powerful pre-defined comments to enter inspection results.

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