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May Salam be upon us. Perform your prayers on time! Salah Aware encourages you to integrate daily salat into your everyday life. Salah Aware not only displays daily true Islamic prayer times for your location, but it also helps you not miss a prayer by keeping you informed about unperformed salah belonging to the moment. If you wish, you may set first notifications to be athan/adhan recitations. Salah Aware also features a highly customizable alert system. Additionally, assuming you connect to internet at least once on each location change, you don't need active internet connection.

Salah Aware's major difference compared to other Muslim prayer time calculators is that it calculates sky illumination/darkness times according to Quran and sunnah, and not according to Astronomical definitions. Salah Aware takes human eye's perception as basis and does little care about the absolute existence/absence of light. Thus, Salah Aware's calculated Fajr time shows the beginning of horizontal illumination (more specifically, when redness is clearly visible above white light at the horizon) and is significantly different compared to similar programs' calculated Fajr time.

We have determined sixteen solar times which specify critical changes in position of Sun throughout the day. This allows us to avoid adding/subtracting some constants to true prayer times. Other programs do that to ensure a prayer's safety, but it can be very confusing and may back fire as an ill-timed suhoor or as praying Fajr earlier than its actual time or as praying in maqruh time.

For every new salah time update, you receive a notification that is non-disturbing. If there are few minutes left for current salah time to expire and you still haven't interacted with the notification, you receive new, more aggressive notifications as reminders.

Displayed schedule is color coded. Colors green, red and blue indicate the following in order: new prayer time entry, makruh time, transitory time (between two prayer times).


- Times are calculated not for cities, but for your exact location.

- Calculated times are pure (except rounded to next minute). Usage of 1 min safeguard value is highly advised.

- For this software to work, either make sure you have Location Services enabled in device settings or use a pre-defined fake/mock location.

- Salah Aware is able to work offline (without internet connection). If you have Google Location services installed on the device, your location data is periodically updated (via GSM, GPS or internet) as long as you are not in flight mode. If you have an active internet connection, altitude data is updated as well. Altitude is necessary for accurately determining (very) local visible sunrise/sunset.

- Battery savers, memory boosters, task managers and cleanup stuff might interfere with this application.

- After some time, Android system may kill the service on its own. Restart device at least once a day to prevent status bar bugs.

- Angle based adjustments are done for high latitudes.

- Salah files are kept in thereisonlywe/audio/imam in external/sd storage


【免費生活App】Salah Aware [Prayer Times]-APP點子

Iqama: Abdulkadir Şehitoğlu

【免費生活App】Salah Aware [Prayer Times]-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Salah Aware [Prayer Times]-APP點子

【免費生活App】Salah Aware [Prayer Times]-APP點子

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