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Savvy Saver facts is an application which was created to help create a new generation of savers. People all over the world are struggling to make ends meet or saving every possible penny and we wanted to change that. Set up in October 2011, Savvy Savers works by simply displaying facts on how to save money. Yes, it’s that simple, honest!

Updated regularly, we put tried and tested facts and tips into the app, designed to help you save all those precious pennies. You’ll never be stuck again if you want to get a quick fact to help you make the most of your money. With a simple design which is there to allow you browse all our facts, or just pull up our latest one, you won’t find the Savvy Saver app hard to use. (Although if you do, we’re here to help!)


• Simply swipe your finger left or right to get access to more facts

• Want a random fact? Want to see our latest fact? Simply tap the handy buttons!

• Want to be seen as a money saving guru by your friends? Share the tip via Twitter at the touch of a button!

【免費財經App】Savvy Saver Facts-APP點子

• A regularly updated list of tips and tricks for saving money

If you have any compliments, comments or issues, feel free to leave them below in the reviews section or simply send an email to the ID provided. We will check regularly so don’t worry, you will not go unnoticed!

If you have some facts you want us to add or you want to share your saving stories, take a look below to see our social profile links, we’d love to hear them!

So if you want to start your journey of saving up for that holiday, those nice shoes or even to just treat your friends to a meal, Savvy Savers is the application for you. We hope you enjoy our application and if you really love it, please leave a review, it would be much appreciated!

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【免費財經App】Savvy Saver Facts-APP點子

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Disclaimer - The makers ‘AwesomeTechs’, would like to make clear that no information in this application is to be constituted as actual financial advice. By downloading this app, you agree that Awesome Techs is not liable for anything that occurs to yourself or others by using this application. This application is provided solely to provide information on how you could save money and allow you to develop your own ideas.

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