Scan to Web

【免費商業App】Scan to Web-APP點子

Barcode scanner and web browser.

Scan barcodes into;

- Google Docs Forms (spreadsheets)

- Any web site

- Your own intranet web site

Scan to Web provides Android device users with a basic web browser and the ability to scan into web fields on web pages the user has browsed to.

A great option for bring your own device (BYOD). Use your own website for scanning inventory, check in/out sheets, attendance; any number of business related problems can be solved with Scan to Web.

No external hardware is needed. Scan to Web uses the camera scanner in your smartphone or tablet to scan barcodes.

Open any web page or search engine and scan any barcode instead of typing.

To scan into a web page;

【免費商業App】Scan to Web-APP點子

- Scan to place barcode result wherever cursor is on the web page.

- If text field is not active, scan result will be entered in first text field available

- If Submit on Scan setting is ON, the web page will “Submit” after the scan result


【免費商業App】Scan to Web-APP點子

- Scan Suffix: Submit on Scan or Do nothing. Determines what the web site will do after a scan

- Home page: URL of the home page in the app

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