I have a question for you. Are you tired of having a wallet full of receipts with no way to keep track of them?

Most copy machines today can scan your receipts or important documents and send them to your email. The problem with this is that you can't carry a scanner with you.

The new android application Scan2@ provides an easy way to scan and send your receipts and important documents to your email in a two-touch process.

By touching the app on your home screen, a camera automatically appears and takes a picture in a few seconds.

You can adjust the time it takes to capture the document yourself.

The picture will then appear, along with a mailing address. Once you enter the mailing address for the first time, you will never have to repeat typing it in again.

You can zoom into the picture to make sure the image is sharp and clear.

If you wish to re-take a picture, just click the ReScan button and the scanning process will repeat itself.


If you want to quickly find the scanned receipt or document in your email, you can type in the details in the Title Box.

Once you are satisfied with your image, simply press the Send button, and the image will be sent directly to your email.

If you ever need to have the receipt again, you can either print it from your email or access your email via your phone and open the image.

If you need further assistance in using the application, then view the instructional video.

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