Scarecrow's Brain

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A scarecrow is on a fantastic journey to get a smart brain! Are you good at texting? Then come show off your tapping skills in this challenging numbering puzzle! Intriguing brain puzzles are bonus!

Honk!! Join the fast and furious ride on the FINGERS! Forget about all the difficult and complex games! Brand new ultra simple game that even a scarecrow can play! Just follow your eyes and fingers on this way too SIMPLE journey! Could you be the legendary king of the finger who would conquer the Emerald Castle with your forefinger? Dude, RUN all the way to the Emerald Castle!

How dare you stand in my way? Who do you think you are? Octopus? Bomb? Tooth? Shield? Darn! I don’t care! My magic wand will blow you up! It’s 1,000,000% brand new finger action fantasy blockbuster battle game… aw, whatever! Just try it yourself!

【免費解謎App】Scarecrow's Brain-APP點子


A scarecrow who doesn’t have a brain and doesn’t know anything…… One fine day, he hits the road to the Emerald Castle to get a brain with Dorothy. You know the story, huh? Now, the story is not about Dorothy but the scarecrow. It’s up to you to help the empty-headed scarecrow make it to the Emerald Castle. Are you ready? Dorothy, let’s get started!!


-What is Scarecrow’s Brain?-

【免費解謎App】Scarecrow's Brain-APP點子

1. Even a sperm or earthworm can play this game. It’s way too easy.

2. Are there some smarty-pants, you know? Discover his or her genuine IQ!

3. Show off your tapping skills to your friends!

4. Prevent forgetfulness and dementia with this game!

5. Plus, dive in the memory of “Wizard of Oz” with this parody game!

【免費解謎App】Scarecrow's Brain-APP點子

Warning 1) If you suffer from constipation, don’t play in the bathroom!

Warning 2) For the sake of your love life, do not play while talking with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Play only when you are waiting.

【免費解謎App】Scarecrow's Brain-APP點子

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