Scheddy 3G WiFi

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

Scheddy is a network scheduler that allows you to control your 3G and WiFi Network to save the Battery Life of your phone and reduce electromagnetic waves.

You don't need to manually turn on/off the Internet connection anymore, Scheddy save you battery life disabling and enabling your network 3G and WiFi periodically.

In the Full Version you can configure the active and inactive time to your need.

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

You can specify a night period so the 3G and WiFi connection will stay inactive during the night.

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

You can also always disable the connection when the screen is Off and reactivate immediatly when the screen turn On

Key Features:

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

- Manage 3G

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

- Manage WiFi

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

- Enable the connection when the screen is on

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

- Configure the delay of disconnection when the screen goes off

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

- Configure the active time and inactive Time of the Wifi and 3G connection (FULL VERSION)

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

- Night Mode (configurable): The 3G or WiFi connection will stay inactive during this time (FULL VERSION)

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

- Low Battery Level (configurable): The connection will be disable when the battery level is low. (FULL VERSION)

【免費工具App】Scheddy 3G WiFi-APP點子

- Show a notification icon so you can call directly the application (configurable)

- Start the application automatically when the phone boot (configurable)

- Widget to enable or disable Scheddy without open the application


* On Android 5.0+ the "Disable/enable 3G connection network" function does not work. This is because on Lollipop the enable/disable function is no longer accessible to third-party apps.

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