Sci-Fi Test

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Sci-Fi Test is the ultimate challenge for Star Wars fans! This word puzzle trivia brain game will test you on how well you know the complete Star Wars Trilogy. Episodes I-VI and The Clone Wars.

Star Wars Test levels will test you on

★Jedi Knights

★The Dark Side

【免費益智App】Sci-Fi Test-APP點子

★Galactic Republic




【免費益智App】Sci-Fi Test-APP點子



★Battle Droids


【免費益智App】Sci-Fi Test-APP點子



Tip - If you have trouble completing levels try doing some Star Wars research on the level word(s).

Your objective is to select the word(s) that connects with the top word(s) in each level. May the force be with you! Please rate and review.

【免費益智App】Sci-Fi Test-APP點子

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