From the hit TV channel, BabyFirst, comes the perfect artistic companion for your toddler, Scratch A Sketch! It’s simple… Even the youngest of children can easily wipe the screen with their fingers to reveal a bright and beautiful picture.

If your child is not quite able to color yet, Scratch A Sketch offers a great way for her or him to experience art and encourage hand-eye coordination. Toddlers will delight when they see a picture appear and hear the positive words of encouragement. Plus, it's a great way to fulfill your child's natural curiosity.

Try it today!



- Explores hand-eye coordination

- Offers positive reinforcement

- Inspires artistic appreciation

- Tested by babies and toddlers

- Multi-device support


About BabyFirst: BabyFirst is the leading TV network made just for babies, toddlers and parents. Developed by educational experts, BabyFirst shows inspire a variety of developmental skills. Plus, it's completely commercial-free! Visit

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