Screen Keep

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

When reading a web page or a document, do you always touch your screen periodically to prevent your phone from sleeping?

Screen Keep allows you to keep your screen on while you are reading with one tap [Keep]!

This app works with your favourite browsers and document viewers after installing. No configuration required!

Just open Screen Keep once after the installation and it will work every time.

Bonus feature

[Exit on Sleep/Incognito] which automatically *close your app when your screen is off (by itself or via power button)

* Go to homescreen. (App may still be running in the background)

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子


Technical Information

1. After you have pressed [Keep], the app will change your display time-out to 45 minutes

2. The app will restore your original display time-out after you exit/switch the app.

Permission explained:

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

Disable your screen lock - To allow the screen to stay on for a longer period of time.

Full network access - It displays a small local html content. No network is required and it will not use any data.

Retrieve running apps - To detect which app you are using in order to enable the screen keep function.

Prevent phone from sleeping - To allow the screen to stay on for a longer period of time.

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

Modify system settings - To change the display time-out to keep the screen on.

List of current working apps

- Adobe Reader

- Chrome Beta

- Chrome Browser - Google

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- CM Browser - Fast & Secure

- Dolphin Browser for Android

- Drive

- Dropbox

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- Evernote

- Firefox Browser for Android

- Foxit MobilePDF - PDF Reader

- Foxit MobilePDF Business - PDF

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- Gallery

- Google Docs

- Google Sheets

- Google Slides

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- Microsoft Office Mobile

- Mobile Classic

- OfficeSuite 8 + PDF to Word

- OneDrive

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- OneNote

- Opera browser for Android

- Opera Mini – Fast web browser

- PDF Reader

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- PDF Viewer

- Photos

- Polaris Office + PDF

- Quickoffice

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- Stock Browser for ICS

- StumbleUpon

- UC Browser for Android

- UC Browser Mini

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- Yandex.Browser

Online messaging apps

- Facebook

- Facebook Messenger

- Hangouts

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

- LINE: Free Calls & Messages

- WeChat

- WhatsApp Messenger

Missing your favourite apps?

【免費工具App】Screen Keep-APP點子

Email me or comment below with the name of app you would like this app to support.

This app is created via App Factory with Tasker.

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