Screen Watcher

【免費工具App】Screen Watcher-APP點子

View full screen snapshots taken from remote PCs.

【免費工具App】Screen Watcher-APP點子

Always know what is running on every Windows-based computer connected to your local network.

【免費工具App】Screen Watcher-APP點子

The images are high quality, and we support multi-monitor setups as well (you will get larger images)

Note: you will need to install an application on the "monitored" computers.

【免費工具App】Screen Watcher-APP點子

Click on the "menu" button in the app's main window and select "Send Server Application"

【免費工具App】Screen Watcher-APP點子

This server application requires the .NET framework version 2.0, and needs to run under administrator privileges (because it needs to open a port in your firewall to send the captured images).

A short documentation is attached to the zip file containing the server application that explains how to use this application, and how to secure access to the snapshot stream using a password.

I can't respond to comments left on the Play store. If you have any issue, please let me know via email before leaving negative feedback.

Thank you.

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