Screening for Albuminuria

【免費醫療App】Screening for Albuminuria-APP點子

A quick pocket tool to help medical professionals assess and treat albuminuria in people with diabetes and other high risk patients. Designed for rapid, convenient, point-of-care intervention whenever and wherever you need it. Content is adapted from KDOQI evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and recommendations from the National Kidney Foundation.


Designed for rapid, convenient, point-of-care intervention. With a few quick taps, you will:

•Evaluate diabetic patients for albuminuria and chronic kidney disease (CKD)

•Use evidence-based strategies to assess and treat

•Access an interactive, clinical action plan that can be individualized for your patients

Simple, quick, and organized by:

•What is Albuminuria?

•Why screen for albuminuria in high risk patients?

【免費醫療App】Screening for Albuminuria-APP點子

•When to screen

•How to screen

•Follow-up using a simple, interactive decision-making algorithm

•Facts about albuminuria, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease

Facts About Chronic Kidney Disease

•Kidney disease is common, harmful, and treatable.

•26 million American have kidney disease – but most do not know they have it. Millions more are at increased risk.

【免費醫療App】Screening for Albuminuria-APP點子

•High risk groups include those with diabetes, hypertension, and a family history of kidney disease. African Americans, Hispanics, Asian or Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and seniors are also at increased risk.

•Early detection can slow the progression of kidney disease.

•Once kidneys fail, patients need dialysis or a transplant to survive.

The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.

By supporting the National Kidney Foundation, you directly influence and positively impact the lives of those at risk for kidney disease, those living with chronic kidney disease, and those who care for and about them.

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【免費醫療App】Screening for Albuminuria-APP點子


【免費醫療App】Screening for Albuminuria-APP點子

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