Screenshot ER

【免費工具App】Screenshot ER-APP點子

Screenshot ER is a screen capture app for rooted devices, proven to work where nothing else does. Easy to use and with lots of settings for capture maniacs too!

This app is a pure screen capture utility and nothing more. You get all the possible capture methods:

★ Long press on search button

【免費工具App】Screenshot ER-APP點子

★ Shortcut

★ Delay

【免費工具App】Screenshot ER-APP點子

★ Device shake

★ Visible or invisible notification icons

The root daemon is complemented by a powerful suite of options designed to increase ease of use and compatibility across a wide range of devices:

★ Edit screenshot images

【免費工具App】Screenshot ER-APP點子

★ Interactive thumbnail preview

★ Rotate and flip images

【免費工具App】Screenshot ER-APP點子

★ Manage service with widget

★ Customize file names

【免費工具App】Screenshot ER-APP點子

★ Dynamic image override

★ Disable service when screen is off

And of course, all the usual options are there - image type, countdown timers, share menu integration, and an editable storage folder.

DEMO VERSION is watermarked.

APP NEEDS ROOT ACCESS, visit our website for more information:

LOG PERMISSIONS are for feedback - you don't have to send logs if you don't want to, and if you do no private information is sent.

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