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【免費生產應用App】Seal Chop-APP點子

There are many reward systems parents have for kids. Instead of giving monies for job/homework/spelling/test etc well done, some parents adopt the "seal chop" rewards system. Basically whenever the kid has done something well, parent award a seal and chop on a booklet. The kid will keep the booklet and accumulate more seal chops. Parents would then say for every 20 seal chops accumulated, the reward will be the kids will have a good meal at the fast food restaurant.

This app is NOT to duplicate that booklet feature. This app is for parents to keep track of the seal chops each kid have accumulated. Very resourceful kids have 'faked' or do their own seal chops on their booklet behind their parents back. It is also easier to have a smart-phone with an app on hand to check than to bring along all the kids booklet out to check on an outing if rewards is to be realized.

To use, tap New Seal. Enter a seal description e.g Child A, Child B etc. Tap Add/Del chop to add or delete chop. Tap Save. Tap Clear then Save when say 20 seal chops have been rewarded and the reward system should start from zero again. Tap View Seal to see all the children seal chops. Long tap on each entry to do edit for that child record.

This app is designed primarily for parents to keep track of children rewards. This does not mean it cannot be used for parents themselves. E.g some eateries or grocery stores etc also adopt some kind of accumulated seal chop etc concept. Although you need to redeem with the actual store card and seal chops later on, this app can still serve as a monitoring tool during the interim period where you still have not reached the limit to do a full redeem.

The application support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese display.

【免費生產應用App】Seal Chop-APP點子

【免費生產應用App】Seal Chop-APP點子

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