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【免費生活App】Search Property on點子 is challenging how properties are browsed. Typically a property seeker is shown more than 50 properties, competing for his/her attention. The Buyer gets overwhelmed with information and is not able to make an informed decision. with its new Android APP is solving problem of information overload. How’s APP different:

• Buyer is presented with one property at a time in a card view, allowing him/her to make an informed decision.

【免費生活App】Search Property on點子

• All important information required to shortlist/select a property is highlighted on the property card.

• Complete information of the property is available on click, reducing the clutter

• The four gestures allow buyers to Request Callback, SMS Seller, Shortlist or block the property

【免費生活App】Search Property on點子

• AD free experience and enhanced features allows the users to have a personalized property search experience APP is Fast, Smooth and Intuitive helping Buyers to “Live your Dream”. The request callback feature on APP help Buyers to talk to the sellers instantly.

Why should you make the preferred choice for property search:

【免費生活App】Search Property on點子

• Search more than 2 lac properties across 6,000+ localities across India

• Filter your search on various parameters

• Easily connect with the sellers

【免費生活App】Search Property on點子

• Receive FREE property alerts

• Easy navigation


【免費生活App】Search Property on點子 is an online real-estate service committed towards helping you make wise and profitable decisions regarding buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties in India and key global geographies. provides fresh approach to its users to search for properties to buy and/or rent and lists their properties for selling and/or leasing.

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【免費生活App】Search Property on點子

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