Secret Box for MTS

【免費工具App】Secret Box for MTS-APP點子

Let's face it— we all have stuff on our phones we'd like to keep to ourselves, like pics, videos, SMS, contacts, even Facebook messages, but how can we protect them when someone attempts to access and read our phones? Secret Box for MTS makes it easy to fully control over your privacy. Download today and stop worrying about your private content falling into the wrong hands.

Main Features:

● Photos & videos protection: All files will be hidden into a private place and can only be viewed in Secret Box after entering the correct password. Allow users to manually select and import photos but also have the function that can automatically mark all your still visible photos and remind you to import them.

● Contacts/SMS/Call logs protection: allow users to create “private contact”, and all messages and calls from the contact “disappear” from the phone, almost as if the contact never exists. Secret Box hides text message and suppresses incoming message alert.

● Facebook Messages: Do you worry about your Facebook messages being seen by your friends' friends? Worry no more. Secret Box can hide the Facebook messages that you rather keep to yourself. Simply open Messages and chat privately.

● Break-In Attempts (premium): it photographs anyone who enters the wrong password to attempt your Secret Box, without the intruder knowing it. Help to monitor who access the phone and when such attempt was made. This feature requires an Android 2.3 (or higher) device with a front-facing camera.

● Fake Secret Box (premium): create a decoy Secret Box to protect the real one. If someone insists to see the content in your Secret Box, just show them the ‘fake’ one.

● Vault Online (Premium): back up your Secret Box files to our private cloud space. Data is securely encrypted and can only be accessed by you.

● Stealth Mode (Premium): allows users to completely hide Secret Box’s icon on the phone’s home screen. When stealth mode is on, Secret Box’s icon will disappear. And it can be opened again by entering your password from within the phone dialer.

【免費工具App】Secret Box for MTS-APP點子

【免費工具App】Secret Box for MTS-APP點子

【免費工具App】Secret Box for MTS-APP點子

【免費工具App】Secret Box for MTS-APP點子

【免費工具App】Secret Box for MTS-APP點子

免費玩Secret Box for MTS APP玩免費

免費玩Secret Box for MTS App

Secret Box for MTS APP LOGO

Secret Box for MTS LOGO-APP點子

Secret Box for MTS APP QRCode

Secret Box for MTS QRCode-APP點子
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