Secret DJ

【免費音樂App】Secret DJ-APP點子

Love music? Love going out? You need Secret DJ.


Find - the best bars, pubs & music nearby.

【免費音樂App】Secret DJ-APP點子

See - whats tunes are playing in your local right now .

【免費音樂App】Secret DJ-APP點子

Be the DJ - pick songs in venues with a Secret DJ jukebox.

【免費音樂App】Secret DJ-APP點子

Share - the music, places and people you like via Facebook and Twitter.

About Secret DJ

Secret DJ lets you keep in touch with what's playing and what's happening in all of your favourite bars and pubs...

Location savvy - it'll let you know where's cool and worth visiting nearby. With Secret DJ you can check in to all the best places and let your friends know where to meet up so you never miss a great night out.

Feel the vibe - in venues that are part of the Secret DJ network you'll be a able to see what's playing - right now.

Always social - Secret DJ lets you share all the songs, people and places you like via Twitter and Facebook. You can also link directly to the venue's own website. Someone special caught your eye? Let them know you're interested via Secret DJ.

Be the music - in bars that use a Secret DJ jukebox, you can select songs to play straight from your Android phone. Select enough tunes and you'll become the official Secret DJ of the bar - then you can impress your friends when your tracks always come on first.

Download today - and remember everybody wants to be a Secret DJ...

*** Currently UK only ***

【免費音樂App】Secret DJ-APP點子

Application Permissions

【免費音樂App】Secret DJ-APP點子


When you install Secret DJ we ask for certain permissions on your phone. The reason we ask for each persmission is listed below.

Your location:

We need to know where you are to show you places nearby.

Network communication:

We need the internet to send you information and images.

Your accounts:

We need to create an account when you login.


We need to store viewed images so you don't have download them again.

Phone calls:

We need to stop the audio preview playing when you receive a phone call.

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