Secrets is a safe place to store your secrets, from simple text notes up to a fully

functional secret diary or even a secret image galleries collection!

This App uses the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, which is one of the most

secure encryption methods available today, to encrypt all of your data.

With Secrets you can:

- Save and protect your accounts and passwords

- Save and protect your images from the Android image gallery

- Take photos directly from the camera and encrypt 'em on the fly


- Create your secret galleries collection

- Keep a secret diary

- Other things we didn't think about yet! ;)

Secrets is easy to use, just install, open the App,

set a password or a lock pattern and you're ready to go.

You can backup your data very easily, create unlimited backups (aka Restore Points)

and restore them anytime. This feature is available in Secrets Pro.

( )

This version introduces the new pattern based unlock system plus the ability


to drag and drop your notes in any position.

Secrets Lite features:

- Password or Pattern based unlock

- AES 256 bit encryption by default

- Encrypt you notes, passwords or pictures

- Take photos from the camera and encrypt them on the fly

- Easily copy your text notes into the system clipboard, for easy paste into other apps

- Options to automatically delete original pictures that have been encrypted from the system gallery


- A warning tells you whether or not an image is still visible in the Android gallery,

and lets you delete it anytime with a tap

- Restore encrypted pictures (that were deleted from the Android gallery) into the Android gallery.

- Share notes and pictures

- Quickly hide your pictures, both single pictures or whole galleries with few taps to hide them from those around you

- Beautiful & advanced, built-in image gallery


- Advanced backup functionality, save unlimited backups and restore them anytime with a few taps (Secrets Pro only)

- Set a wrong login delay so anyone who tries to login with a wrong password will have to wait some time before the next attempt.

- Automatic configurable session logout if the app stays in background for too much time

- Configure and change the encryption algorithm

- Factory reset is available to safely delete all your data

- Minimal, easy to use user interface


- Works in both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientation

- The user interface scales perfectly to be used both on a mobile phone and on a tablet

App Website:



This App has been developed and deeply tested in order to provide the best possible product.

We are sure we made a good job but we are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this App

including, but not limited to, loss of data of any kind or inappropriate/illegal use of encryption

based software depending upon local laws.

This application is provided “AS-IS”, without any implicit or explicit warranty of any kind.


Using this app implies that the above has been read and understood.


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