Encrypted messaging done right!

This free messaging app is designed to allow anyone to chat with anyone else while still keeping their messages secure. Every message is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone except for you and the person you are sending a message to. This app is a more fully featured version of the sTXT messaging service, learn more at


- Fully Encrypted Messaging (nobody but you and the person you send messages to will be able to read them)

- Minimalistic Interface


- Google Glass support (in beta)

- Companion website (

- Custom Entropy (Long-tapping on a friend allows you to generate a random cipher that can be used to encrypt the messages if you don't trust the apps encryption)

- Elegant privacy (I've made a couple of attempts here to prevent people from screenshot'ing your conversation with them, test them by changing message types)


- Multimedia messaging (images and audio can be sent to friends securely)

- Message Validation (by long-tapping on any persons profile image, a secure connection to is made to open a webpage that verifies if the message is legitimate or has been tampered with)


If you don't trust the apps encryption you can even create your own cipher to separately encrypt and secure your messages aside from sTXT's encryptions. You can even securely send images and audio.

This app includes some attempts to promote privacy and security by allowing users to validate any message to verify if that message was legitimately created and not tampered with. You can even prevent users from screenshot'ing your conversations by changing your message type.

By long-tapping on any persons profile image, a secure connection to is opened to validate that particular message. Long-tapping on a person in your chat list will allow you to create your own custom cipher by moving your finger around the screen to generate a random hash that will encrypt your messages. The more you move your finger, the higher the entropy!

If you have any issues or bugs to report, please e-mail me directly before commenting.

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