Self Confidence Affirmations

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What are affirmations? An affirmation is a statement or a set of words that you repeat to yourself in order to achieve a change in your thinking. This particular session works to transform low self confidence into a positive confident attitude.

I am obsessed with ‘The Secret’. Reading and using The Secret in my life has produced amazing results. I’ve decided to start a line of Affirmation CD’s and MP3 downloads to help others quickly achieve positive lasting changes in their life. Positive affirmations work to change negative thought patterns and they produce a positive attitude. Using affirmations on a daily basis sends our desires out into the universe. The universe gives back what you ask for.

This affirmation session focuses on developing healthy self confidence. This is an seven-minute affirmation session to send positive confident messages to the universe. My Self Confidence Affirmation session can be used while meditating, driving to work, doing housework, as you’re going to sleep at night, or any other situation where you can play this session for seven minutes.

I recommend listening twice a day for at least two weeks. Before you know it, you will have a confident attitude and the universe will reciprocate.

This session is 8 minutes long.

Please email me with your email address if you would like a digital download of self confidence affirmation cards to go with this session.

【免費生活App】Self Confidence Affirmations-APP點子

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