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Sem's is a secure SMS-style messenger app providing you with privacy when communicating at last. No matter whether you’re just chatting with your friends or whether you are a doctor, lawyer, tax adviser, journalist, someone whose profession is built on trust and privacy, you can communicate to your partners with no fear of being tapped, now. The use of Sem's is FREE of charge.

How it works

Sem’s Pro encrypts your text messages, photos, videos, voice messages and all ohter kinds of files you'd like to transfer safe and tap-proof. Encryption works in a way that it can only be decrypted on the recipient’s device. We cannot read your messages, nor can anyone else.

With Sem’s you are identified by your phone number, very much like text messaging (SMS). You have to provide us with your phone number (see “Privacy”) when running Sem’s for the first time. Our server sends a text message (SMS) to your phone in order to verify your phone number. This message is captured by Sem’s. You can use Sem’s only if you provide us with your correct international phone number. Sem’s requires an internet connection to operate. Assuming you’re on a flat mobile internet contract or using WiFi, no costs occur when using Sem’s. Hence, it’s an inexpensive alternative to text messaging, too.

【免費通訊App】Sem's Pro Edition-APP點子

For registration, internet access as well as phone service (for reception of one SMS) are required. For sending and receiving messages, merely internet access is required.

No Advertising

All editions, including the free Community Edition, are FREE from advertising, as we think that ads massively spoil the user experience. If you like our service and want it to be continued, we kindly ask you to upgrade to the Pro Edition.

Privacy & App Permissions

Privacy is what Sem’s is all about, so we care a lot about yours. Sem’s NEVER transfers any private data, such as address book data, account information, passwords, images, files, videos, etc. from your device to our servers nor aggregate any information in the device. The content of a Sem’s message itself cannot be decrypted by us, but ONLY by the recipient. Let us explain why the app requires certain permissions:

Internet access

Well, Sem’s uses the internet to send and receive messages.

Google Cloud Messaging

【免費通訊App】Sem's Pro Edition-APP點子

Our server uses the Google Cloud Messaging in order to inform your device on incoming messages.

Receive and Read SMS

Used for receiving the verification SMS, only.

Wake lock

【免費通訊App】Sem's Pro Edition-APP點子

Wake up your phone when a message is received.

Read address book

Translate a phone number into name for display purposes and picking phone numbers from your address book. Avoids some handling pain. As we said, no data will be transferred elsewhere.

Read and write SD-card

【免費通訊App】Sem's Pro Edition-APP點子

Required for storing and displaying attachments.

Questions, issues, suggestions? Write us at or see us at

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