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If you need to tell other people where you are, this is the application for you. It makes it easy to send your location by SMS or Email. The message you send will also include altitude and accuracy of your position.

The recipient doesn’t need this software to find you. They don't even need a Windows Phone 7. The recipient can use iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and WP7. As long as the device can receive SMS or Email and have an internet browser with internet connection, they'll be able to see the location you send to them by one click on a link.

Why would you need to tell other people where you are this way?

- You are in a place that's hard to explain to others.

- You don't know where you are.

- You are in a big crowded place.

- You are in large area without road map coverage. (Like in the mountains, in the forest, at amusement parks)

*The application uses the GPS in your mobile phone to get your location. So the accuracy of your position will depend on the GPS in your phone.

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