Imagine a situation where you are at a restaurant having dinner and your friend calls you asking for directions. Instead of explaining him the route you simple send him an SMS with the application and your friend can open the SMS in Google maps straight away and join you. SendLocation allows you to send out text message with your exact location to MULTIPLE contacts at a click of a Button. The application is small,simple and real easy to use.

• To text your location, you need to choose contacts first. Here you can choose as many contacts as you want.

• Click the Done Button. On the main screen, you can see the contacts you have chosen.

• Once contacts have been chosen, the application saves it for future use.

• To change the contacts, hit menu button, click "Add Contacts" and choose your contacts.

• After the necessary contacts have been selected, click the Send Message Button.


• Let the GPS fix your location before clicking the Send Button.

• The app sends out your address in an SMS, which can be opened up in Google Maps straight away.


• For most accurate results, ensure that the GPS is turned on.

• The accuracy of the location returned by the network provider is approximate. It may or may not be the correct address.

• Ensure that you have WiFi/data connectivity before using the application.


• The application was designed/developed to be used on foot.

• This is the first version of the Application. New features may be added later based on the user feedback.

Send out an email if you spot any bugs, crashes or have any questions,comments.

Key Words: GPS, Location, Where Am I, Send my My Location

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