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Sendah, the better way to send, has just gotten better with Sendah Connect!

Enhance your online shopping experience by downloading the FREE Sendah Connect app for Android and iOS from Google Play and the App Store. Make FREE Voice and Video Calls and enjoy Sendah Connect’s FREE Instant Messaging feature, which lets you send any kind of attachment – video, photo, and audio – to other Sendah Connect users.

But wait, there’s more! Get in touch with non-Sendah Connect users anywhere in the world by taking advantage of our competitive rates. Call often, save more and stay connected with your loved ones, wherever you are!

Did you think that was it? With Sendah Connect, you can also watch your favorite shows and movies from back home and even make micropayments – buy and send prepaid mobile airtime credits, digital gift certificates, and other items -- or soon, pay for your loved ones’ utility bills and more using credits from your Sendah Wallet. The Sendah Connect App features a dedicated Shop and Send button for accessing Sendah.

Sendah Connect makes true one-stop online shopping possible using your smartphone or tablet, via WiFi or 3G/4G.

Got a lot of loved ones overseas? Need to call often? When you need to connect with the people who matter the most, Sendah Connect offers the best rates to over200 countries!

Main Features

★Free calling and messaging to other Sendah Connect users

★Best rates for international mobile calls (to non-SendahConnect users)

★ Sendattachments for free: short videos, audios, pictures

【免費通訊App】Sendah Connect-APP點子

★ HD voice and high quality video calling

★ Audio multiparty conferences -- talk with many people at the same time

★Call transfer

★ Call waiting --two separate conversations at the same time

【免費通訊App】Sendah Connect-APP點子

★ Support for PUSH messages

★ Voicemail as mp3 to email delivery

★ Funny android-emoticons

All you need is the Sendah Connect app and wireless internet connection (3G/4G/WiFi/GPRS/EDGE) on your smartphone or tablet! Please note that the quality of a call or video streaming is highly dependent on the quality of the WiFi or mobile network signal where you are trying to make a call or access content. Sendah is not responsible for wireless network-related issues that may negatively affect user experience.


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【免費通訊App】Sendah Connect-APP點子

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【免費通訊App】Sendah Connect-APP點子

IMPORTANT: Check if VoIP in your country is not blocked!

If it is, please contact and we will do our best to help you.

【免費通訊App】Sendah Connect-APP點子

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