Stream Sensor Data From Your Phone To A PC Or A Classroom Of PC’s

Before you download this app! SensorScope requires a program downloaded to a Windows PC. This program “SensorScope.exe” is free and available for download on our website at

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SensorScope allows you to view output from your Android devices’ sensors on a PC over Wi-Fi. It gives you a real-time view of the internal workings of your phone. A developers dream come true.

SensorScope streams data on your Wi-Fi network to every computer connected to your access point. The information streamed by SensorScope will not route. As an example, If you’re at Starbucks and start SensorScope, the data will be available to every PC in the coffee shop (I’m sure they would find it utterly fascinating!) but people in a Starbucks across the street will not be able to receive it.

The program on the PC is free making it ideal for teaching Android Programming or Physics. SensorScope was developed as a programming tool for our in-house staff and is now being released to the general public.

There is no setup involved. Start the Windows and Android program and SensorScope takes care of all the details. It's a perfect tool for the classroom.


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