Service Card for Instagram

【免費社交App】Service Card for Instagram-APP點子

Instagram finally meets Launcher Planet!

Optimize your Instagram page with the Instagram Card.

View friends’ photos and videos right on your home screen!

★ You can add a variety of service cards on ‘Launcher Planet Service Card’ section by downloading any cards for ‘Launcher Planet.’

★ How to apply Service Cards:

- Install Launcher Planet and set it as the default home.

(if you haven’t done so) (Install here:

- When launcher is installed,

click on Card Home>Menu>Edit Card Home

- Start running your service cards,

【免費社交App】Service Card for Instagram-APP點子

And add any service cards of your choice by clicking the ‘Edit Card Home’ section


★ Launcher Planet is the winner of Design Reddot 2014 Award!

With more than 300,000+ downloads, Launcher Planet offers you the fastest and smoothest personalized launcher operation

Experience the very unique service cards for Launcher Planet

Features only on Launcher Planet:

★ All Kill Search Engine

>Search through all your contact information, apps, files, websites, app stores, and much more in just one click with “All Search Widget”!

★ Selection of 600+ free themes and 100,000+ background images!

Get themes on famous characters, Yuna Kim, celebrities, and artists to simple, heartwarming images

Meet hundreds of new personalized themes every week!

Add 25+ fancy filters to your background images to fit your mood!

★ One touch folder categorization

Concerned that you will have to reorganize all apps you painstakingly put together? Don’t worry! All your apps are organized with one touch of “automatic categorization”

Do you have a hard time finding the icon? You can’t be bothered to re-organize your folders?

Then, this is the app for you! Press one button, and organize your apps in splits of a second.

★ The revolution of smart phones, service cards:

Incredible benefit only experienced with Launcher Planet!

Easily check out news from your frequently used apps with a simple swiping motion.

Include various service cards that fit your taste right into your home screen, only available on Launcher Planet. Service cards available in HD Resolution and higher (excp: Galaxy S2, Galaxy Mega, Optimus Vu Series)

【免費社交App】Service Card for Instagram-APP點子

★ Incredible Speed! Organized Launcher

Nobody needs complicated launchers. Unbelievably stable with incredible speed. Experience the all new simple and organized Launcher Planet.

【免費社交App】Service Card for Instagram-APP點子

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