Share ur Secrets

【免費通訊App】Share ur Secrets-APP點子

Welcome to Whats Secret Box.

This app will let you share your secrets with your friends through WhatsApp , Viber , Facebook or email.

This is the FIRST app that is totally automatic: never you will do a cut and past to decrypt or encrypt your messages!

This is the FIRST app that uses RSA 2048 bits keys so TOTALLY secure as your bank account!

Follow the internal tutorial to discover all the features !

After the installation the app will ask you to register your name : It will be used to send your public key to your friends therefore try to be unique (not Alex or Dory) .

Remember the PIN code you have registered because it will be asked every 10 minutes.

The free version now has up to 3 SLOT !!!(e.g. you can add just three friends)

Remember that both you and your friend need to install this App to share secret messages .

【免費通訊App】Share ur Secrets-APP點子

【免費通訊App】Share ur Secrets-APP點子

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