ShareExpense: Fairly & Easily

【免費財經App】ShareExpense: Fairly & Easily-APP點子

ShareExpense is the easy and quick way to share and track your expenses with friends, colleagues and family.

Use ShareExpense for event based tracking and sharing expenses. You can easily track your expense share, payments made and balance for each event.

Following are the easy steps to use it:

1. Create Event

【免費財經App】ShareExpense: Fairly & Easily-APP點子

Create event for your holiday with family, dinner with friends, business travel and many more.

2. Add Persons

Add persons of the event to share the expenses for fair share.

3. Add Expense

【免費財經App】ShareExpense: Fairly & Easily-APP點子

Add event specific expenses mentioning who paid it, persons with whom expense needs to be shared.

4. Fair Share

Easily defines individual share, payments made and balance for each event.

5. Graphical Report

【免費財經App】ShareExpense: Fairly & Easily-APP點子

Generate event based graphical report for expenses by expense category, individual share and balance with facility to email.

After all sharing is caring! Experience easy money sharing and tracking with 'Share Expense'.

* Currently Share Expense works for mobile numbers of India(+91) only.

【免費財經App】ShareExpense: Fairly & Easily-APP點子

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