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【免費生活App】Shared Budget Pro-APP點子

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Application is totally free now!!!

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【免費生活App】Shared Budget Pro-APP點子


Shared Budget is a pretty simple but smart application that allows you to manage money balance for the group of people.

It allows doing this easily, in an intuitive manner.

Have you ever been in the following situations?

1) You and your friends are sitting in a bar, ordering different meals and drinks.

Finally, the party is over and you need to pay the bill. One person is paying with his credit card. Others need to understand how much money they owe him.

Do you like counting money when you are relaxed? Actually no.

2) You are going to have a holiday with a group of friends and need to buy different things in different shops.

【免費生活App】Shared Budget Pro-APP點子

For example tomatoes at a vegetable stand, a bottle of wine in a liquor store, meat and bread in a supermarket, etc.

Each person buys something from this list. Moreover, some of your friends drink wine, while others not.

At last you'd like to calculate the money balance and understand how much money each person should give back or receive from each of the others.

Do you like these non-trivial calculations? Actually no.

And sure, as you can suspect it allows to manage your personal budget. Because you is the group of one person!

【免費生活App】Shared Budget Pro-APP點子

For instance, you are going shopping and need to buy different things and food. You'd like to know how much money are you spending. But not just the amount, you want to know what for.

Do you like writing and summarizing on a sheet of paper? Actually no.

Let us introduce you the most universal solution for all these situations and even the more complicated ones!

Let us introduce you the Shared Budget!

Welcome to use the Shared Budget!

【免費生活App】Shared Budget Pro-APP點子


Best regards

Demon Software


【免費生活App】Shared Budget Pro-APP點子

This application is Pro Version and doesn't contain any trial limitations. Also it contains additional features:

1) Possibility to work with several Projects

2) Possibility to backup and restore Project to\from file

【免費生活App】Shared Budget Pro-APP點子

3) Settings menu


1) Latest version of Shared Budget contains feature to migrate Current Project to be used in Shared Budget Pro.

If you have Shared Budget but not the latest version- just update it at first.

【免費生活App】Shared Budget Pro-APP點子

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