Shopper Grocery Shopping List

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Save time and money every day with Shopper the Grocery Shopping List! Shopper makes all shopping easy and quick, suggests great recipes, and helps you budget with grocery coupons and store flyers. 2013 Best Shopping List App Finalist

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【免費購物App】Shopper Grocery Shopping List-APP點子

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Key Features:

- Make shopping lists in a snap. Plan and grocery shop efficiently with the list.

- Sync shopping lists with family and friends. Supports notifications of changes.

【免費購物App】Shopper Grocery Shopping List-APP點子

- Store your own recipes and find web recipes; put ingredients right on your shopping lists

- Save money with lists of grocery coupons, grocery flyers and weekly ads from top brands & retailers

- Scan barcode items directly onto shopping lists

- Web & cross-device shopping list access

【免費購物App】Shopper Grocery Shopping List-APP點子

- FDA/USDA Alerts & Recalls on barcode linked list items

- Guiding Stars Grocery nutrition ratings linked to list barcodes

- Budget & planning: track total grocery list prices minus coupon savings plus taxes owed right on your lists !

- Real Customer Support our users love!

【免費購物App】Shopper Grocery Shopping List-APP點子


- Build shopping lists from pantry categories including grocery, home improvement, electronics, beauty and baby

- Shopping list templates for pantry tracking or repeat grocery shopping

- Notes and photos on all grocery list items make planning easy

【免費購物App】Shopper Grocery Shopping List-APP點子

- Multiple shopping lists & multiple stores

- Custom list aisle layouts & pricing for all stores & pantry lists

Shopper is an indispensable list for big shopping trips to stores like Walmart, Target, Costco, BJs, Home Depot, Publix, Kroger, Meijer, Aldi, HEB, and Safeway, where a list is a must, as well as smaller stores like CVS, Walgreens or the convenience store.

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【免費購物App】Shopper Grocery Shopping List-APP點子

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【免費購物App】Shopper Grocery Shopping List-APP點子

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