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Build your own Traveling Photo Album in few easy steps with Shot On Spot...!!!

Shot On Spot is an advanced photo album app, especially designed for those, who keeps on traveling to different places of the world and captures the Photo (Shot) of a nice Place (Spot).

Normally we capture the pictures of a place we travel, but later on, we forget where we have taken the picture, and sometimes we cannot find it easily, from our normal photo album because it’s not properly organized.

Shot On Spot app allows you to organize and manage all of your photo albums that belong to the places you visited. It facilitates you to create the albums directly on the Map, so that you can easily identify the places you visited and view the pictures you captured on the same places. For example, if you are visiting New York, and you want to capture some nice snaps, then just open Shot On Spot, which will show you the map indicating your current location exactly where you stand in New York, and exactly on that place, you can create your photo album E.g. “New York Trip”, you can then capture as many snaps as you wish, and save to this album. Then you visit, Paris and London, you can do the same process and create the album E.g. “Paris Trip” and “London Trip” respectively.

Now when you want to view the pictures you have taken, you just need to go to the Main screen of this app having the Map, there would be three album displayed on the respective locations on the map, so you just need to tap on the album and enjoy the pictures you have taken and stored in that album. You can view the pictures one by one, you can zoom it, play slideshow and share the pictures with your friends via Email, Facebook and Twitter and many more features.

*** Awesome Features ***

•Get your Current Location on the Map, that shows where you are.

•See the map in Standard, Satellite Mode.

•Create Album for the current location.

•Create Album for any location by just tapping the exact location on Map.

•Drop Photo/Capture the pictures and store to your photo album.

•View albums on the Map or view it in Thumbnail mode.

•View Pictures in Thumbnail mode or view it one by one.

•Set Default Album (Switch Album) for capturing and storing the pictures into it by default.

•Zoom-In & Zoom-Out the pictures.

•Play Slideshow (With Background Music and effects/transitions) of all the pictures of selected album.

•Import Pictures from your photo gallery of your device and store the picture to your selected album.

•Edit/Delete Album and Pictures.

•View the location of the album created at.

•Slideshow Settings E.g. Various Transitions/Effects, Change Music etc.

•Share the Pictures via Bluetooth, Email, Facebook & Twitter.

•Search Albums by name.

【免費娛樂App】Shot On Spot-APP點子

【免費娛樂App】Shot On Spot-APP點子

【免費娛樂App】Shot On Spot-APP點子

【免費娛樂App】Shot On Spot-APP點子

【免費娛樂App】Shot On Spot-APP點子

【免費娛樂App】Shot On Spot-APP點子

【免費娛樂App】Shot On Spot-APP點子

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