ShuffleArch - interior design

【免費生活App】ShuffleArch - interior design-APP點子

ShuffleArch is the easiest interior design tool possible! Plan, design, create astonishing interior designs directly on your tablet. You can draw a plan within five minutes and have a 3D visualization immediately. Be a designer. Now!

• intuitive 2D floor plan creation

• direct switch to 3D view

【免費生活App】ShuffleArch - interior design-APP點子

• interative 3D furnishing

• object customization

• huge library of 3D furniture and growing

【免費生活App】ShuffleArch - interior design-APP點子

• the easiest interior design app

• completely free for personal use

• automatic snapping and object orientation

Short tutorial :

1. start by designing your floor plan with walls by dragging on screen

【免費生活App】ShuffleArch - interior design-APP點子

2. switch to floors and create them

3. select windows and doors and place them on the walls - windows and doors will not be drawn outside of walls!

4. when you are finished with plan creation swith to 3D view

【免費生活App】ShuffleArch - interior design-APP點子

5. in 3D view you an place furniture into your interior design

6. tap on desired model and drag it to position

7. when you drag it near the wall, furniture will automatically orient itself

【免費生活App】ShuffleArch - interior design-APP點子

8. give us some nice review! Thank you for using ShuffleArch

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