Shuser is an app that reacts to noise by playing a sound. This can be used for shusing babies or pets (e.g. Baby cries, Shusher plays soothing music), but other applications are possible.

Shusher allows for setting:


- Sensitivity. This sets the sensitivity at which Shusher is triggered. Low means triggered at low noises, high means only louder noises will trigger Shusher. The Calibrate button will show how loud the incoming noises are.


- Delay. The time whithin which the next noise should be received before playing a sound. A delay time of zero will play the sound immediately.


- Play sound. Select the sound that shoud be played (even a user-recorded sound) from the list of sounds.


- Play time. The time the sound should be payed.


- Volume. The volume at which the sound should be payed. By dragging the volume seekbar, the currently selected sound will be played at the selected volume.


- Airplane mode. This can be set in order not to play any other device sound while switched on.

Shusher allows for recording your own sounds that should be played when triggered. Unwanted sounds can be removed from the list. Shusher comes with 3 standard sounds that can be played:


- Train. This is a standard 'white noise' of a train riding over tracks.


- Lullaby. A standard lullaby.

- Shhh. The SHHHH sound.

To record your own sound, select Recordings from the menu. The recordings window will open. Enter a new name for the sound and press record. The default soundrecorder will appear where you may save the wav file. The wav file will appear in the list of sounds. By selecting a sound from the list, the sound will be played. The selected sound can be deleted by pressing the delete button.

If one of the standard sounds has been deleted from the list, a restart of Shusher, or and orientation change will copy them back to the list

Each time Shusher is switched on, it keeps a log of all the triggers it receives, until it is switched off. This allows for a parent or pet owner to see if and how many times Shusher received a trigger and played a sound. The log can be seen by selecting Log in the menu.

If you find an original application (other than for babies or pets) for Shuser, please let us know about it by posting it here.

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