Shut Up Button Free

【免費拼字App】Shut Up Button Free-APP點子

The best and original Shut Up Button on Android!

Use your finger and your device to tell everybody Shut Up!

Are you tired of actually having to tell people to "Shut Up" using your mouth?

【免費拼字App】Shut Up Button Free-APP點子

Tell them what you REALLY think with the Shut Up button!


★ Interrupt boring people and finally get the attention you deserve!

★ Don't panic touch the Shut Up Button with your finger and enjoy a quiet and secure day!

★ The best prank app for Shut Up! to stop and censor annoying friends words!

Enjoy The Big Shut Up Button!

DISCLAIMER: This app is a utility app, like for fun, to mess with your friends and family. Please do not use it to harass and terrorize people! Also it is advised that you do not connect it to an external speaker device (or if you do keep it low). If you blast some of these noises really loudly, as with any sound, you could really damage your hearing!

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