Sign War Playable Alpha

【免費紙牌App】Sign War Playable Alpha-APP點子

Sign War is a collectible strategy game (TCG) enhanced for mobile

devices with an unmatched gameplay based on your ability to draw runes on-screen.

In Sign War fantasy universe, you become a mighty hero in a quest for magic power and


- Choose your Heroe among 5 clans

- Collect stunning magic and runes cards

【免費紙牌App】Sign War Playable Alpha-APP點子

- Build your deck wisely

- Cast dreadful spells by drawing runes on-screen.

- Complete solo campaigns, fight online duels and challenge your friends

- Earn gems, gain new cards and grow your reputation

This version is a playable alpha to showcase the Sign War gameplay. It features 1 Hero, 6 runes, 13 spells and 2 AI opponent.

Download it to become part of the game development adventure. Regular updates will follow as we get your feedbacks.

【免費紙牌App】Sign War Playable Alpha-APP點子

Try it and let us know your thoughts on facebook:

【免費紙牌App】Sign War Playable Alpha-APP點子

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