Silent Camera+

【免費攝影App】Silent Camera+-APP點子


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Silent Camera+ is an application that can take pictures by a little small shutter volume.

Please use it when you want to take the photograph in quiet environments

such as classes and a library, a bedroom, offices, and pet taking a picture.

【 Effective Use of Silent Camera+ 】

✓ In a quiet restaurant, when you take pictures of food.

✓ When taking pictures of your sleeping baby.

✓ When taking pictures in the library.

✓ When taking pictures of book covers in the bookstore.

【免費攝影App】Silent Camera+-APP點子

✓ When taking pictures of the blackboard and notes during class.

✓ When taking pictures of your pets sensitive to sound.

✓ When taking pictures in meeting rooms.


✔ Shutter sound control

- 12 shutter sounds selectable

- Volume control provided

✔ High resolution mode supported

✔ FullScreen Shutter

✔ Timer

✔ Supports functions such as built-in camera

- Auto Focus

- Auto Exposure

- Auto White Balance

【免費攝影App】Silent Camera+-APP點子

- Front-facing camera support

【免費攝影App】Silent Camera+-APP點子

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