Simple Latitude

【免費社交App】Simple Latitude-APP點子

Share the location of your device with your contacts.


- keep track of friends, family members or your other devices

- no need to set up any account or remember a password, your device identity is your account

- offline viewing of the last known locations

- optimized for devices without a constant Internet-connection

- optimized for using low power

【免費社交App】Simple Latitude-APP點子

- optimized for low data usage

- totally free without commercials

- uses the same location-detection as Google Maps itself (GPS and network combined)

- listen in on location-updates by other apps

Follow these instructions to set up location-sharing:

- install and run the app on two devices

- at least one device must make the profile public (in settings)

【免費社交App】Simple Latitude-APP點子

- the other device can find and add the public profile (in settings - contacts - third tab)

- the first device sees the location of the other device on the map

- on the first device you can click on the contactname to open up an information-screen

- in the information-screen you can share your own location with the second device

You cannot add yourself as a contact.

A location is updated when:

- you get connected to The Internet

【免費社交App】Simple Latitude-APP點子

- the refresh period expired

- a new location is requested (by a contact)

Locations are not updated when you are not connected to The Internet or when your location has not changed.

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is used to send all information from the server to the app. For this to work, the device must have Google Play Services installed.

【免費社交App】Simple Latitude-APP點子

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