Simple Math Challenge

【免費教育App】Simple Math Challenge-APP點子

Do you remember how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers?

If you forget, try to remember them in NO TIME LIMIT mode.

How if you remember?

Let's test your brain speed.

Can you do the mathematics basic operation and determine whether it is less, equal, or greater than the result in under 1 second?

【免費教育App】Simple Math Challenge-APP點子

Try IMPOSSIBLE mode, and you will know :)

It is SIMPLE but not EASY!

How To Play :

- You have to choose the correct answer in a given times (10s/5s/3s/1s/No Time Limit)

- And get the highest score!!

- Submit your score to leaderboard and invite your friend to play along

New Feature!!

【免費教育App】Simple Math Challenge-APP點子

You are bored because of the color?

You can change it in OPTION :D

【免費教育App】Simple Math Challenge-APP點子

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