Simple Minute Second Timer

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A simple app representing a countdown/kitchen timer. Click to start a new timer. Simple Minute Second Timer is an app to start, manage and create countdown timers (e.g. kitchen timer).A minute or Second Countdown clock in the style of countdown.


A countdown for poker, table games...

Very easy to use.

Simple configuration.

A sound will alert you that time is running out.

When the time finish, an alarm will ring.

【免費通訊App】Simple Minute Second Timer-APP點子

large buttons - easier to see and touch

1. What is Simple Minute Second Timer?

It is a countdown alarm for android device. With it in hand, you can set a simple time countdown alarm on your phone simply according to your need. In this way, you can hear an alarm while the time is up after enabling this app on your phone.

2. What can I do with this app?

---If you are a student, you can set a countdown alarm while doing your homework. In this way, you can have a clear idea of the time left for you. It is a great way to improve your efficiency for learning.

---If you are an office, you can set a countdown alarm while making a plan or attending a meeting. In this way, you can do a lot with the least time. Just have a try.

---If you are a housewife, you can set a countdown alarm while making coffees. In this way, it will remind you of the time to take off the flame.

In a way, this app can be use in your daily life and work. Do not look down upon its functions! In our daily life, we can improve our working efficiency greatly with a countdown timer. If you want to be left behind by others in this quick-fixed society, your only choice is to do more in limited time. So welcome to free download this app to get hold of the fleeting time. Thanks for your attention!

Time is up, you will receive notification. A simple countdown timer. When time is up you will be notified. Done to you that you are doing an activity that is timed! Be in physiotherapy, in cooking, even in the iniquity of your son! Feedback/descriptions of problems are appreciated.

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