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【免費音樂App】Simple Mp3 Downloader-APP點子

This apps for your any version android devices. This is Simple MP3 Downloader. You can find a lot of under Creative Common or Copyleft music for free!This app allow you to listen or download music from the best music search engine!

You can also listen the music directly from the app before you decided to download your favorite song!

Simple MP3 Downloader is absolutely free! No download restrictions and unlimited downloads!.Here the main feature of this Simple Mp3 Downloader.

Main features:

- Easy and clean user interface

- Search by artist or song name

【免費音樂App】Simple Mp3 Downloader-APP點子

- Preview and save mp3

- Faster when downloading and searching than similar app

- Progress bar for downloading file

- Multiple downloading at one time

- Pause, resume, or cancel downloading

- Set as ringtone

【免費音樂App】Simple Mp3 Downloader-APP點子

- Save to SD card


Disclaimer: Our app is 100% legal and only searches copyleft and CC licensed mp3 files music sources. Please send any DMCA complaints, suggestions,…If for some reason, find something which you believe to violate your copyright, please email to me at If you find any such songs or mp3 music files, please email to us, I will remove any copyrighted material soon.

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