Simple Notes Taker

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i4... the 4 weeks personal note taker and task minder.

Why 4 weeks and not the whole year? Because we are too lazy to flip calendar pages after pages and months after months. We want everything in one screen. We want to organise tasks from today and the next 27 days only. Anything after today, we don't want to remember. And anything before the 28th day, we don't want to know.

Because we are too lazy to enter text, we want to use the phone's speech recogniser. We can get the app to read the list to us and send the list to anyone via email. And because we know everyone has different color preferences, we made this app user customisable.

So, if you're someone like us with a goldfish memory, you are free to download and install this app.

Developer's Notes:

【免費工具App】Simple Notes Taker-APP點子

- The app will appear out of sync on the next day that it is opened. By simply tapping or selecting one of the the calendar days, the app will update itself.

【免費工具App】Simple Notes Taker-APP點子

- This app mimics a whiteboard where entries get erased and updated as the days go by.

【免費工具App】Simple Notes Taker-APP點子

- This app uses vkTools app for customising colors. It is a free app.

*** This app is intended for personal use only but anyone who needs this app are free to use it.

You are free to download and install this app in a condition that you will be responsible for the accuracy of the result. The developer will not be responsible for any loss/damage as a result of the misuse of this app.

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